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Children in the first 6 months of life consume seven times as much water

Americans drink more than one billion glasses of tap water per day.11

The United States draws more than 40 billion gallons (151 million liters) of water from the Great Lakes every day—half of which is used for electrical power production.12

85% of the world population lives in the driest half of the planet.13

Agriculture accounts for ~70% of global freshwater withdrawals (up to 90% in some fast-growing economies).13

Various estimates indicate that, based on business as usual, ~3.5 planets Earth would be needed to sustain a global population achieving the current lifestyle of the average European or North American.13

Thirty-six states are anticipating water shortages by 2016.14

300 tons of water are required to manufacture 1 ton of steel.15

1 in 6 gallons of water leak from utility pipes before reaching customers in the US.15

American use 5.7 billion gallons per day from toilet flushes.15

Refilling a half-liter water bottle 1,740 times with tap water is the equivalent cost of a 99 cent water bottle at a convenience store.15

It takes about 12 gallons per day to sustain a human (this figure takes into account all uses for water, like drinking, sanitation and food production)

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18-02-2017 11:00:27
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